Lenticular artworks-Permanent exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by Atelier Luz Perez-Ojeda

Lenticular artworks-Permanent exhibition

Since 1989 I’ve been a professional artist, painter,
photographer, and printer. My artistic background did
not come through academic accomplishment, rather I
gained my experience while working in art studios.
From the time I was a child, I have been living in an artist
friendly environment.I learnt from my parents's knowledge
and teaching of the arts as they were both artists and teachers of art.

As this was my education, I became not only a professional artist, painter and photographer, but also a serigraphy printer while working as an assistant for several years ( 1987/1988 and 2007 to 2012) with the well-known International kinetic master, Carlos Cruz-Diez.
While working as his collaborator, not only was I very fortunate and blessed to be immersed in his enriching creative universe but also to have the opportunity to learn and assist him in screen printing artwork but also later on, as photography assistant.

I decided to continue and enrich my artistic education at Atelier Del Arco, art editors and professional printers located in Paris, during the years of 1988 through 1994.
I used my newly-acquired skills to compose traditional
black-and-white photography in a lab owned by
François Patez. While working in the lab and print atelier, I further improved my skills in artistic silk screen technic by printing the creations of reknown international artists like Peter Klasen, Aurélie Nemours, Gianni Bertini, Miotte,Leppien,Vasarely,Chu-te-Chun,Velikovic and many ,many more.

My influences:

Being immersed in the screen print media i got irremediably attracted to Andy Warhol’s artistic universe and influence.
I admired his introduction of fascinating new form of artistic expression and his focus on mass-produced commercial goods.
The fact that he employed several mediums to create his artworks, including photography, silk screening and printmaking exercised a great fascination over me at that time.
Another artist’s approach to media photography and video got also my attention in my early artistic years. His name is William Klein. My interest in his extensive use of the wide-angle lenses and motion blur , clearly showed why, he was considered a “father of street photography”.

My current works of art are clearly influenced by both
pop, as well as kinetic artists. My artistic experience at Atelier Cruz Diez , as one can imagine, left deep traces and influences on my artist unconscious mind.

As well as the Cruz Diez 's chromatic event modules
Interact with each other and their environment
And they constantly transform in new chromatic transitions with the action of the Light, with the technic of Lenticular I have been able to create effects that evoke emotional instability and perpetual transformation of the human being and his questioning.
The transition and 3d effects allow the development of a narrative , a dynamic event occurs.

My raw material is not so much color but the “emotional stuff”. The transition of images and the symbolic elements that appear in my work offer key elements to the viewer, I like to bring the spectator symbols to decipher, to interpret.This created interaction from the spectator with the work is what I enjoy the most.
I have always been fascinated by the ability of Cruz Diez ’s kinetic and optical artworks to create this fascinating dialogue between light and color, and to generate a strong and hypnotic interaction with the viewer
. I had the artistic powerful longing to somehow integrate this “art in movement dimension” into my artwork. For me the lenticular printing innovative process allowed this dynamic artistic evolution.

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