Brugge Landscapes: Unlocked for Light - 3D virtual exhibition by Andy McSweeney

Brugge Landscapes: Unlocked for Light

dim, 11/01/2020 to lun, 02/01/2021

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A photo series by Andy McSweeney during the global lockdown in Brugge and beyond in Spring 2020, focusing on a *positive* perspective.

Looking for light with themes of Space, Silence and Simplicity for this photo collection, Andy offers a view exploring central Brugge without the crowds and going wide to soak in the peace.

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Although the story of the “Great Spring Lockdown of 2020” was a painful one for many in Brugge and beyond (with yours truly as Photo Tour Brugge very much included), I was determined that the energy of this photo collection focus on the positive (dare I say LIGHT side) of this very tough moment indeed.

“When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade” goes the expression to focus on making a positive out of a negative.In this oh-so-quiet moment that meant, to me, making landscapes out of our very first (hopefully last!) lockdown.

It was even a therapy and exercise of sorts, rest and relaxation in place of work while still working my photo life and taking in a very special moment in a very special city.

Brugge deserves no less than to be seen as beautiful, despite... or perhaps even because of... what the moment holds.

I focused on 3 themes while chasing the shot and looking for Light:


The historic heart of Brugge, cleared for crowds and fully calm.
Elegance for the ages, a life of its own in every brick and stone.
The space spread out, opened up and (almost) empty like never before.
Land gone local, fresh to rediscover and be a tourist in our own town.


Not a noise beyond the very Brugge basics, perfect for the mind to unwind.
Canals sit still like never before, the water reflecting a true tranquility.
The air cleans up as the cars clear out, a sense of the entire city fully reset.
A new natural state of sound exists, near silence as a standard to soak in.


Keeping to the core side of usually so-very busy Brugge, a little tour of the “tourist triangle”.
Classic corners and central sights, the choice of light and barely a soul to be seen.
Open up the view with all this space and silence to soak up, go wide or go home.
Relax and let go, “it is what it is” and make of it what you will…

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