Mitchell Hall - 3D virtual exhibition by Branner Spangenberg Gallery

Mitchell Hall

dim, 06/23/2019 to jeu, 06/24/2021

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Welcome to Branner Spangenberg Gallery.

Since it’s brick and mortar opening in Palo Alto in 1988, the Branner Spangenberg gallery has showcased a selection of established and emerging artists from Northern California, several of whom have gone on to achieve thriving art careers.

Today, the renowned gallery has redefined itself as an immersive, online exhibition space, straddling the ever-evolving intersection of high technology and fine art. Here, viewers from different time zones and locales can stroll through the spacious, light-filled halls to view art and
meet the artists. Many of the professionally curated exhibits include filmed interviews with artists, conveying the inspiration and intentions behind their work.

“The virtual online experience allows me to place the artists I represent in front of an even wider audience of art lovers. Visitors to the site can view the artwork from all angles and distances. And, they can linger and return as often as they want, the doors to this gallery never close.”

— Martha Branner


The renowned brick and mortar Branner Spangenberg gallery first opened its doors in Palo Alto in 1988. The gallery showcased the work of primarily Northern California artists, several of whom have gone on to achieve success in the larger art world.

Martha Branner and Stefani Spangenberg (now Esta) who ran the gallery and are artists themselves, were especially interested in showcasing new talent. “We wanted to find and
nurture up-and-coming artists, to make sure their work was getting in front of people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see it,” explains Branner.

Although the Palo Alto gallery closed its doors in 1992 — several years after she had moved from the area — Branner continued to represent the artists she was passionate about. In 2014, Branner was invited to join “Project 275,”a newly formed artist’s collective in Redwood City. She folded a physical exhibition space into her studio area so she could continue to showcase the work of artists she was representing. She also launched a website to market those artists. In 2018, Branner closed her gallery and studio in Redwood City and began working with the web design firm Elev 8 Valley. Their collaboration resulted in a compelling, virtual exhibition site that puts her artists in front of an even wider audience.

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