Lee.K & Cho Hui-Chin - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

Lee.K & Cho Hui-Chin

jeu, 08/20/2020 to sam, 09/05/2020

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“I do not want to reply to indelicate questions in the world. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t draw mouths.”

Denial of Language:
The mouth, the only human body part that communicates by language, can control human feelings in different ways. LEE K’s artwork is based on his idea that the properties of the mouth imply loss of feeling, lack of communication, misapprehension and broken heart caused by language.
Damaged emotions from denial of the real signification of the mouth are artificially expressed in his two-dimensional images.
The feelings and emotions at some moments in the artist’s life have been accumulated and congealed as the stigma of the mouth in his images.
The reason for distortion of the shape of the mouth in his artwork is defined as “Denial of Language”.
“Pain which cannot be told, pain which we cannot tell, and glorifying the feeling of a person who experiences extreme anger with a metaphor of a plaster statue.”

Cho Hui-Chin
Artist Cho Hui-Chin is a resist-destiny female artist suffering from the distorted world and enjoying doing distorted artworks. Her grotesque yet serene art works explore the existence between life and death, investigate the darkest humanities, and reveal the fetish. She works across painting and sculpture and with deeply symbolic materials, which she says could be asscociated with « life once lived. » Visuals and sounds, artists and emotions link as inspiration and provide experimental reference : Joseph Cornell’s three-dimensional spatial arrangements and white noise, cats purring and Louise Bourgeois, pleasure and Hannah Hoch, acting outrageously and researching James Ensor.

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