KAREL STOOP - 3D virtual exhibition by virtual


sam, 07/25/2020 to mar, 07/12/2022

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Large abstract paintings by the dutch artist KAREL STOOP
* This is an ongoing individual exhibition with updates every few weeks.

Karel Stoop (1951) was born in the south of The Netherlands. He travelled to Asia, Middle East, North Africa, USA, Europe exhibiting all over. Actually he lives and works in the city Manresa in the province of Barcelona (Spain).

His art examines how colors and forms impact the human psyche, creating an aesthetic experience that engages both the sight and the soul. His huge paintings convey profound spirituality and the depth of emotions through a cosmogony of planetarian landscapes and reflexions, creating an illusionist multi-versal space.

Representations by:
Matilde Tamayo Foundation / Barcelona, Opera Ottava gallery/Veneto IT, HH ArtGallery /Rome / Miami


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