Spatial Spotlight II - 3D virtual exhibition by Altro Mondo

Spatial Spotlight II

sam, 11/12/2022 to sam, 12/03/2022

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Spatial Spotlight II is a group exhibition featuring the works of Rosscapili, Nestor Vinluan, J Consunji, Kenneth Montegrande, Jay Ragma, Niccolo Jose, Jacob Lindo, Lee Caces, Poch Naval, Fitz Herrera, Pablo Biglang-awa, Sal Ponce Enrile, Red Mansueto, Niño Hernandez, Gary Custodio, Rico Lascano, Beatrix Syjuco, Allain Hablo, Richard Buxani, Joel Reglos, and Marlon Magbanua.

Following the previous Spatial Spotlight show from last year, the exhibit once again brings together the country’s leading abstract artists in one creative venue to showcase the best of contemporary abstract art.

The show illustrates these artists’ mastery of their craft, putting their impressive use of colors, shapes, gestural markings, and forms front and center. As a collection, the works reveal each artist’s skillful ability to transform a blank canvas into a point of departure for their imaginative depictions of reality.

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