Hyper Nature - 3D virtual exhibition by Kato Wong Gallery

Hyper Nature

sam, 10/01/2022 to ven, 11/04/2022

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During these years of profound change, we have been forced to spend time in nature. I have always been more naturally interested in cities and people. But I reached the stage in my work where I was hungry to experiment.

After a visit to a garden I started playing with photos of plants, pushing all of the parameters. I experimented with colours, composition, environment, species of plant. The result is an extreme interpretation of plant photography - nocturnal moods, metallic blues, neon pinks.

It became Hyper Nature, a series of creatively extreme, very personal work. I connected the images to my life. The colours connected to my feelings. The titles relate to my life.

Through Hyper Nature I’m exploring my relationship with nature, but truthfully I’m exploring my relationship with creativity. I have used my creativity to transform nature and make it personal to me.

This exhibition is my second solo exhibition for my Gallery. Again, I have experimented with scale. There is a flow of moods, colours and light.

These unusual transformations of plants provoke strong reactions. I hope it provokes feeling, thinking and enjoyment for you.

Kato Wong.

Hyper Nature is open until 4th November.

All works are available to buy, to enquire contact the gallery on

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