Abstract Art with New Media - 3D virtual exhibition by Independent Image Art Space

Abstract Art with New Media

sam, 09/24/2022 to sam, 10/22/2022

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From September 24 to October 22, 2022, Independent & Image Art Space is glad to present a group exhibition “Abstract Art with New Media”.

Adolph Gottlieb, an American abstract expressionist painter, sculptor, and printmaker, said, “The role of the artist, of course, has always been that of image-maker. Different times require different images. ... To my mind certain so-called abstraction is not abstraction at all. On the contrary, it is the realism of our time.”

Artists worldwide share their idea about abstract art of our time. They may be painting, or artwork created with new media. They may be monumental in scale, may be intense, spontaneous expression, may be a meditative space for ruminating the fundamental questions of human existence. The abstraction has many possibilities.

Artists: Amanda Stojanov, Boguszak, Carmen Isasi, Carol Greenan Bouyoucos, Chauncy Z Marlowe, Crane Zhu, Dejan Grba, Dobkin Elena, Ian Cross, Jae-Eun Suh, Joe Hedges, Joseph Santarpia, Kobi Walsh, Michael Wagner, Nathanael Cox, Nicolei Gupit, Patric Colling, Patrick Stefaniak, Roberto Colombo, Sanja Star, Sara Gevurtz, Siri Stensberg,
Sorabella J, teruhisa-tahara

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