Sabrina Le Roux - 3D virtual exhibition by Art Trope Gallery

Sabrina Le Roux

Sabrina Le Roux finds in photography a key to grasp the reality of life. This need to express her vision of a world that in turn amazes her, oppresses her or questions her is released in the artistic research of the Artist.

The literary sensitivity of Sabrina Le Roux is perceptible in her Art as well as her taste for the human being revealed by the choice of her nursing profession.
Each image is an echo of the Artist's self-offering the discovery of Brittany, her place of life and treasures.
Sabrina Le Roux's photography is distinguished by her poetic approach to the landscapes that surround her but also by her delicate eye whose need for reflection and creation advances her aesthetic research.

Sabrina Le Roux has taken part in several exhibitions and is also an ambassador for the National Mathurin Méheut Museum in Lamballe-Armor in Brittany.

Sabrina Le Roux searches in her photographic works for the essence of life. She extracts the magic of our environment while highlighting the questioning of the place of Man on Earth. The Artist's quest aims for reflection, astonishment or even questioning through her photographs.

Her perception of Art is that it must be an open door to understanding the world. This is how the Artist's mission is to share her truth about the subjects photographed, transmit her values and her source of energy in the contemplation of life, of the harmony of the world, of the unity of the living like visual poetry. The Photographer works by association of ideas echoing her like a vibration.
Her works are the result of a work between dream and reality on the verge of symbolism; It is for her to challenge the senses, to embark the Other in a metaphorical universe by capturing the authenticity and the simplicity of our places of life. Sabrina Le Roux wishes to transmit to the world an intimacy between Man and his environment.

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