The Art of Slowing Down - 3D virtual exhibition by Metanoia

The Art of Slowing Down

lun, 05/09/2022 to dim, 10/09/2022

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Meraki Vagary presents her body of work which was a direct response to the pandemic and global lockdown.

"2020 was a strange year for us all. The global pandemic and national lockdowns have caused losses to lives and jobs as well as having a huge detrimental effect on mental health and well-being. But it also asked us to slow down and pause for a while; giving us an opportunity to focus on our own well-being and take some time to identify our societal issues and learn how to manage the stress and anxiety that we deal with daily.

'The Art of Slowing Down' is a personal journey that I have been on since March 2020 when the first lockdown begun and I realised I no longer had control over my life.
I had to release some of that tension by learning to let go of my need to have complete control as well as learning patience; something I have never had much of.
By experimenting and making my own, organic pigments I reconnected with my ancestral routes and this encouraged interactions with older family members who imparted their knowledge to me. It also opened me up to an entirely new way of being creative and a synergistic relationship between myself and nature.

My tiny zen masters have been guiding me into a slower way of living and in doing this I learnt to let go of pain and trauma that I had carried for a very long time.
This journey is one of well-being, calmness and acceptance as I let go and evolve. It is full of ups and downs, but is something worth reflecting on."

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