JADE: Earth Song - 3D virtual exhibition by Drinking Gourd Gallery

JADE: Earth Song

Sat, 04/23/2022 to Tue, 05/31/2022

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April 23 - May 31, 2022

Drinking Gourd Gallery respectfully acknowledges that our artist collective is on Indigenous land, the traditional territories of the Skaruhreh/Tuscarora and Occaneechi and Sappony peoples. We honor our ongoing connection to these communities past, present and future, and we are grateful that Indigenous communities remain at the forefront of movements to protect the Earth.

Drinking Gourd Gallery is pleased to present JADE: Earth Song, a solo exhibition by North Carolina-based teen artist Jade on view from April 23 through May 31, 2022. For this new body of work, Jade expands our understanding of light, space and time while highlighting our decreasing landscape. Her subjects of trees, lakes, and birds remind us that uninterrupted harmony and balance is possible.

The exhibition features acrylic and oil paintings. Jade’s experimentation with composition, color, line, texture, and shape creates topographies that manage to be realistic, yet ethereal. To view her work, is to make our way through dense underbrush and tangled brambles to reach pristine bodies of water where eagles keep watch. Here, we reflect and take sacred pause. Here, we can read the words of Langston Hughes, Lucille Clifton, Helene Johnson, and others, and attempt to make sense of our place in the world. We can ponder exploitation and oppression and transformation and resiliency, and consider our responsibility to protect the environment. Here, we can listen to the wind rustling the leaves. We can learn patience and be unhurried. We can breathe. Here, there is a natural flow, a peace that sparks imagination, and we feel renewed.

The title of this exhibition is a nod to Langston Hughes’ poem “An Earth Song,” which celebrates the Earth and the coming of spring. Hughes was a poet, social activist, novelist, playwright and important figure in the Harlem Renaissance.

*Please note that the works in this exhibition have been enlarged to show detail. The actual size of each painting is included in the description.

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