Diary Of A White Black Girl - 3D virtual exhibition by NYCH Gallery

Diary Of A White Black Girl

Fri, 05/08/2020 to Sun, 06/07/2020

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Diary of a White Black Girl explores identity and womanhood.
The title stems from the artist’s personal experience as a bicultural child growing up part-time in America
as a little ‘black girl,’ and part-time in West Africa, often seen as the ‘white girl.’ Identity and language
playing a huge role throughout her life, results in art becoming her main language.
Each figure is an exploration of that space between soul, body and experience, particularly as a woman of
Each figure is a jumble of mind, spirit, dreams, sexuality, perception, stereotypes and the unknown, all of
which make up identity; all of which society and individuals mirror and project onto each other and
What does it mean to be woman. What does it mean to be an inhabitant of a brown body.
Imagery of meat, bones, animal fur, traditional African masks and jewelry, the female figure, and brown
skin, delicately detail the figures, reflecting an experience personal to the artist; each piece a fingerprint of
her soul.

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