Impermanence - 3D virtual exhibition by Origin Art


Thu, 04/14/2022 to Sat, 05/14/2022

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Matt Slater (b.1994) presents his photographic study of the natural world while exploring the materiality of the photographic medium.

This show is a collection of two bodies of work, 2019’s Autumnal Glimpses and 2021’s Ode to Phenomenal Nature.

Slater’s fascination with process and the physicality of the photographic medium led him to experiment with the series Autumnal Glimpses. In this body of work he wanted the subject to influence the work by incorporating surrounding plant matter such as fallen leaves, flowers and branches throughout various aspects of the image making process. The plant matter was even used for toning the pigment prints.

During printing, an image would be split up over several sheets of paper and the fragments, each uniquely toned, are then reassembled and sewn together with thread highlighting the intersections. The image retains traces of the process – scratches, fingerprints and repairs are a part of the image.

His most recent series Ode to Phenomenal Nature continues the idea of exploration while returning to the traditional darkroom. This series is focused on natural spaces as the subject matter, mostly forest and reserves, around his home in Cape Town. Slater photographs on silver halide film and employs a new technique when printing.

Working with a large roll of photographic paper, the change of scale brought with it new challenges as well as new opportunities to explore the process. He enlarged the negatives, taping the paper on the walls and processing them by hand on the darkroom floor. Various techniques were used such as tearing, painting, spraying and dipping to create depth and a range of tones in the final works.

In these works Slater hones in on nature, its beauty and transience, its universal cycles of seasons, of growth and decay. He approaches photography in a similar vain.

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