Rayk Goetze "Vertreibung aus dem Paradies" - 3D virtual exhibition by GALERIE SUPPER

Rayk Goetze "Vertreibung aus dem Paradies"

Wed, 01/01/2020 to Fri, 01/01/2021

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In spring 2020 the GALERIE SUPPER presents the latest works of Rayk Goetze.

The title of his exhibition >>EXPULSION FROM PARADISE<< inevitably evokes thinking of the narration of Adam and Eve. But beyond theologically intended interpretations however, an expulsion from paradise can generally be understood as a situation of social change and the Garden of Eden can be described as a refuge of peaceful, prosperous and carefree existence, which humans are forced to leave and outside of which they are confronted with the challenges of life. Given the current situation, the title could not be more true!
Seen as such, the expulsion from paradise is a persistent topic which has a deep existential significance and therefore is place- and time-invariant in the history of humanity.

Rayk Goetze confronts the viewer of his paintings with a modern and for the 21st century contemporary form of an expulsion from paradise by combining motifs that are firmly anchored in the tradition of art history with elements that embody our present time. The Lamentation for example becomes part of human life in general and therefore independent of specific religious values.
This means that Rayk Goetze‘s usage of the topoi of art history is not an adoption of a religious attitude, but it shows an artistic self-conception in dealing with its iconography. This also is apparent in his precise application of paint in the way of Old Masters. Elsewhere this subtlety is confronted with strong, almost destructive planarity in such a way that the artist makes the limits and possibilities of painting itself the subject of his works.
Rayk Goetze's works are thus also about testing the representability of things and the search for the inner image. The transformation of an inner image into an external form leads to a process of rejection, rethinking and reworking, which remains visible in the pictures as fragmentary traces.
Rayk Goetze does not fulfil the fundamental need for a happy ending of narrations. Instead he creates the beginning of a story line and offers a journey of an individual storytelling.

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01 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2021

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