Beginning - 3D virtual exhibition by CAPITAL CULTURE HOUSE


Sat, 01/15/2022 to Mon, 01/24/2022

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“My art history is only just beginning. I have been a creative person since I was a child, but I had no intention of becoming an artist and my profession is far from art ...
A few years ago, it became clear to me that I would like to deal intensively with painting. I have attended workshops and online courses from various artists and tried different techniques.
At the heart of my creations is the love for experimenting with different materials. The interesting thing is the intolerance of these. In this way, extraordinary textures can be created on the surface that are hardly possible to paint on purpose. Natural materials such as marble powder, lime stone, sand, champagne chalk, shellac, natural pigments and many others are used. Each of them has its own character and lives by its own rules.
Without planning the composition of the picture, I let my intuition guide me and join the creative process - time and space no longer play a role. The exciting thing is the unpredictable - everything is not what it seems and everything is possible.

It's fun to combine building material with artist material and watch how they react with each other. The joy of experimenting even leads me to let the picture literally burn. This creates textures that cannot be painted with a brush.

I started experimenting with natural materials that are filled with the energy of nature and live their own life. In one year I did what I missed over the years. But maybe it was precisely these breaks in creativity that enabled me to understand what I wanted to say to the world with my pictures.
When I paint, the world stops, problems and worries disappear, I'm out of time.
I am a confirmation that a person can find his or her destiny at any age, in any place and in any condition.
Each of my pictures expresses the impulses of my soul and the state in which I am currently, and thus always carries different emotions. Sometimes it smiles. Sometimes grieves. I want to pass on all these feelings. This is how souls communicate.
Creativity is a very important part of life, it gives us our own comfort or, conversely, encourages action. Everything depends on us. It's great to sit in an armchair on a cold winter evening, covered with a warm blanket, to look at the picture of the sea, to imagine the waves slowly rolling onto the shore, the sound of the surf, the screams Seagulls. Or smile on a dull autumn day while looking at the bright colors in the picture and imagine that spring is coming soon, that it is just waiting in the starting blocks like a flower bud ... a little more and it will bloom.
Works of art develop our imagination and bring new notes into our lives. I would very much like my work to help open souls. So that you can understand what my soul wants to say.
I can't say whether my works can be called art. For me, art only emerges when the viewer goes on a journey over haptic surfaces, discovers shapes there that arouse his personal emotions and becomes speechless for a moment.”

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