The Memory of Clay an Exhibition by Esther Mansur - 3D virtual exhibition by Sierra Arts Foundation

The Memory of Clay an Exhibition by Esther Mansur

Sun, 01/02/2022 to Mon, 01/31/2022

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The Memory of Clay

Esther Mansur

Exhibition: January 4th thru January 31st

Reception: Thursday, January 20th from 6 to 8 PM

Every potter knows that clay has memory. Clay is often perceived to be an indelicate sturdy clump of mud that we throw around, toss into fiery infernos, and slather in chemicals and powders in the hopes it will become glass. However, ask a potter and we will tell you that clay is a sensitive material that will remember how you treat it. Clay remembers what shapes you form and un-form it into, when you watered it and when you didn’t, when you picked it up too soon, when the AC unit turned on and hit just that one spot the wrong way, when you forgot it for a week, when it got too hot or too cold or too dry, and when you dripped that little drip and haphazardly wiped it away. The funny thing about the memory of clay, is that it is remarkably similar to the memory of us.

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