Gregory Steel - 3D virtual exhibition by KTC Affiliated Artists

Gregory Steel

Wed, 12/15/2021 to Thu, 06/30/2022

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Gregory Steel with a doctorate in philosophy works with the minimalist precepts of Eastern aesthetics, manifesting theoretical concepts and presenting the intangible. Out of heavy metal, Steel creates graceful weaving forms that defy gravity. Although each piece is self-referential in their deft contrapposto, Steel's sculptures also describe larger spaces beyond their own materiality, rendering previously unseen realms. Steel's welded steel sculpture made from I-beams deserves major attention because of the graceful movement and poise in spite of its solid, rigid origins. Tomo Gozen has a "drawing in space" look. A tension and a stress with paradoxical attraction, repulsion, yet nimble as a thought, Steel's seemingly simple forms hold and manifest multitudes. -- Kathleen Cullen

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