Sylvia Galbraith I Outside of Time - 3D virtual exhibition by Sylvia Galbraith

Sylvia Galbraith I Outside of Time

Thu, 04/30/2020 to Thu, 07/30/2020

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Adrian Bejan, in his book Design in Nature, states that “Everything that moves, whether animate or inanimate, is a flow system. All flow systems generate shape and structure in time in order to facilitate this movement across landscape filled with resistance or friction. The designs we see in nature are not a result of chance. They arise naturally, spontaneously, because they enhance access to flow in time.”

Rocks presume a sense of stability, constancy and strength- we imagine them as immoveable and unchanging. Yet rocks are neither static nor solitary – they exist within a slow progression of time, incrementally changing, or being changed by their environment and other events. They are hardened liquid, molded, ground, tossed, and split. Geological texts describe this activity as “fluid and flowing” or “folded and bent” - a history of land and time.

Physical connections with wild, distant landscapes have always been important to Canadian photographer Sylvia Galbraith. She has a perpetual need to see and feel the ground beneath her. Responding to a desire to be physically present in the landscapes she photographs, her artistic practice demonstrates that although she discovers evidence of a turbulent, violent past in the present-day strata, there is solace in knowing that within the greater context of geological time, all is as it should be.

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