Katherine Parker: Celebrating Process - 3D virtual exhibition by Spanierman Modern

Katherine Parker: Celebrating Process

Wed, 11/03/2021 to Wed, 12/15/2021

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Katherine Parkers paintings celebrate process. She employs a style of abstraction that expresses a yearning for transcendence and the infinite. She abandons all suggestions of figuration and instead exploits the expressive power of color by deploying it in large fields that envelope the viewer. Inspired and influenced by the post abstract expressionist painters Mark Rothko, Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler her works are energetically painted canvases densely layered in jewel toned paint that has been generously applied, scumbled, scraped, and vigorously painted over again to create richly textured sumptuous paintings that have an inner light and life of their own. Carving, dripping, and scraping the paint, Katherine Parker makes marks that quietly ignite the surfaces of her canvases. Large spaces of calm and sometimes turmoil open-up the surface for these bold or whispering signs and symbols. Sometimes confrontational, sometimes just commenting they beckon us in, push us out or let us contemplate. In all the paintings there is an embrace of understated urgency. The possibilities in the language of paint are always surprising, In Parker's hands it is a compelling, ongoing dialogue as well.
As with much art that is inspired by that which is deeply felt and mysterious, abstract forms become the necessary evidence of self, as if there can be no other, further or better proof.
Katherine’s works address the themes of memory, time and loss. Parker has shown her work at MOMA/PS1, the Newark Museum, the Jersey City Museum, Spanierman Modern, Heidi Cho Gallery, Accola Littlejohn Gallery and many other venues in NY and NJ. She is the recipient of a Yaddo Fellowship, an Edward Albee Fellowship, and NJ State Council for the Arts grant. She has lectured at many museums and universities in the area about her work.

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