"What Were You Wearing?" - 3D virtual exhibition by Health Promotion and Wellness at SF State

"What Were You Wearing?"

Tue, 04/28/2020 to Sun, 06/28/2020

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The “What Were You Wearing?” exhibit is a storytelling platform dedicated to survivors coming from communities of color, queer/trans/gender non-conforming/non-binary identities, male-identified people, diverse gender identities, people with disabilities, different socioeconomic status, and of people existing at the intersections of multiple identities.

Our hope is to empower survivors to own and share their narratives to help challenge society's stereotyped myths of who is victimized by sexual assault.

Through this exhibit, we aim to crush the myth that a person’s clothing at the time of their assault is an excuse to be harmed or be blamed for their victimization, while illuminating how sexual assault can happen to and can be committed by anyone.

We recognize that the stories in this exhibit may bring about uncomfortable or triggering feelings. Please exit this page at anytime you do not feel safe or comfortable. We welcome persons with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations upon request. Please contact Denmark Diaz at (415) 338-2191 or so your request may be reviewed.

If you need confidential emotional support, please know that San Francisco State provides services for campus community members who have experienced sexual violence and for people supporting survivors of sexual violence. The following resources are able to assist you virtually while Shelter-In-Place is in effect. Alternatively, you may access other off-campus resources if that works better for you at:

The SAFE Place
Supports the SF State community via confidential services like advocacy, safety planning, and crisis counseling for survivors of sexual violence.

Equity Programs & Compliance (Title IX Office) |
Offers support to members of the SF State community who have experienced sexual violence. You may file a formal complaint or request a resolution for incidents of sexual violence. Equity Programs & Compliance Office is NOT a confidential resource.

Health Promotion & Wellness (HPW) |
Offers educational workshops, programs, & activities to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence. HPW is NOT a confidential resource.

Bella Gallego (Project Lead)
Sexual Violence Prevention Intern, Health Promotion & Wellness

Illustrations by Megan Atwater & Mel Chen
Health Promotion & Wellness Graphic Design Team

Marketing & communications support: Priyam Das, MPH
Health Communication Specialist, Health Promotion & Wellness

Stacy M. Peterson
Confidential Survivor Advocate, The SAFE Place

Maya Rodelander, Intern
The SAFE Place

Sara Lewis
Assistant Manager, Equity Programs & Compliance

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