Fu Wenjun Oil Painting Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by Independent Image Art Space

Fu Wenjun Oil Painting Exhibition

Mon, 11/01/2021 to Fri, 12/31/2021

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This exhibition presents two series of oil paintings created by the artist Fu Wenjun, "Pick at Random" and "Quiet Leisure". These two series are cross-cultural practices that the artist has made for many years under a multicultural background, showing the artist's understanding and interpretation of the connotation of traditional Chinese culture in the context of modern life.
Under the concept of "harmonizing Chinese and Western", Fu Wenjun uses post-modern deconstruction, appropriation and juxtaposition to "reconcile" traditional Chinese ink and western oil painting in many ways. Without changing the structure of pen and ink language, traditional culture is placed in the category of international art. He uses Chinese traditional freehand and Western classical realism as the basic techniques of artistic expression, giving the painting a visual effect between virtual and reality, and fully interprets his creative intentions with a transversal visual perception.
He believes that he should have a peaceful and introverted mentality and in-depth look at the connotation of traditional culture instead of living in the imagination of it. Slow down and grasp the connotation of tradition in mutual and repeated encounters. In Fu Wenjun’s view, “The essence of tradition is like the cloud in my paintings. It has undergone countless changes in form over time, but its essence has not changed. What has changed is only the viewer’s thoughts and understanding."

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