Culture 2021 - Hall 1 Asia - 3D virtual exhibition by ESIEE

Culture 2021 - Hall 1 Asia

Sun, 10/24/2021 to Wed, 11/24/2021

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5A-AN1B - English in an International Context

One hundred and forty-eight 5th year apprentice students have been studying other cultures in their English classes during September and October.

The globalisation of business means students not only need to speak English well, but also to communicate in English well and this requires them to have a sensitivity to the workplace culture or “the way we do things around here”.

The course covered aspects of workplace culture across three main themes:

country or regional culture e.g. Chinese culture
industry sector culture e.g. Banking culture
corporate culture e.g. Google culture

The students worked in pairs and chose a topic from one of these themes which they researched and presented in class. They also created an 'infographics' poster to give us a colourful 'snapshot' of their findings.

Their posters are displayed here in this stylish online gallery and show us what a culturally rich and diverse world we work in today.

Liz Anderson - Course Coordinator

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