Hunyoung Jang's Online Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

Hunyoung Jang's Online Exhibition

Sun, 10/10/2021 to Sun, 10/24/2021

curated by:

I visualize figures in paint that are constantly being deconstructed and deformed through collections and deformations of images that stimulate affect and sensation around me.
I express landscapes created by invisible force that could be transformed into anything, expressed as the repetition of traces of overlapping brushstrokes and gestures.
The flow and stains of screen-filled paints cross the boundaries of coincidence and inevitability, yielding a fluid interpretation and haptic experiences. These are lumps of flesh where the following contrasts intersect and mix: lines and planes, figurative and abstract, black and white and a variety of colors, forms and materials, and visible and invisible things.
Through my works, I want to resonate with the inner space of the audience, accept their open appreciation, various interpretations, and imagination, and explore the possibility of new expressions that exist beyond the logic of representation.

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