POINTS OF VIEW - 3D virtual exhibition by ZCONTEMPORARY


Mon, 10/04/2021 to Sun, 10/31/2021

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The focus of our group show lies this time on joyful compositions, aiming to bring a touch of color into the grey autumn days. From soft pastel works with a dreamy, romantic touch till large, bold compositions, geometric abstraction and different mediums, you can discover a variety of abstract artworks that will certainly brighten up your day!

Featured artists: Ea Bodin, Amelia Coward, Susanne Kirsch, Irena Kurkova, Sebastian Mayrle, Juan-Pablo Villacura Vasquez, Corinne Vogel.

The show is running from October 4 through October 31 at Artsy and in our viewing rooms at Kunstmatrix.

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