Women, Climate, and Conflict: Stories of Unseen Leaders | A Virtual Photo Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by Mercy Corps

Women, Climate, and Conflict: Stories of Unseen Leaders | A Virtual Photo Exhibition

Tue, 09/21/2021 to Mon, 11/15/2021

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Today, the world faces the overlapping threats of climate change and violent conflict, and their unequal impacts on women and girls. 

Climate change acts as a threat multiplier, which amplifies existing environmental, social, political, and economic challenges, increasing the risk of violent conflict. For example, climate change is intensifying the depletion of already stressed natural resources, deepening pre-existing livelihood and food insecurities, which in turn exacerbate grievances and erode peace and stability. 

Unequal power dynamics and discriminatory gender norms not only make women and girls more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and violent conflict, it also leads to their underrepresentation in decision-making about potential solutions.

Through this virtual photo exhibition, we are telling the stories of women experiencing the climate and conflict interplay in some of the most fragile contexts, while highlighting the imperative of their inclusion and influence in decision-making surrounding conflict prevention and climate adaptation strategies.

Viewing instructions
You can start the exhibition by choosing "Enter exhibition" and follow the instructions to navigate the virtual space.

However, for a better experience, we recommend you to choose "Guided tour" and "Enter full-screen" mode and pause at each new picture.

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