Critical Abstractions - 3D virtual exhibition by Brandon S Gellis

Critical Abstractions

Visual communication designers and artists create, abstract, and investigate the world in which we live. As viewers, we gain perspective about our own, individual realities. Critical Abstractions is a celebration of new, altered, and reimagined utopias that helps to manifest these alternative realities.

To launch our new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication Design we have invited ten leading-edge artists to explore concepts of identity, inclusivity, futurism, and speculative narratives and design through critical thinking and making modalities.

At the core of this creative exploration is the curator’s love for “speculative fiction” theory and design, which poses the simple question: What if? What if we could live in the future world without hate, hunger … or limitations, where love is love, and where people would be free to be themselves?

To challenge prescribed notions of reality and to answer the What if? question, each artist was invited to create thoughtful artwork through their chosen digital tools and interests. Each artist was asked to develop their artwork, in some part, digitally, and to use their creative process and creations to help teach our students and community just what else can be considered possible and meaningful through design.

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