Celebrating 20 Years - 3D virtual exhibition by Plus One Gallery

Celebrating 20 Years

Thu, 09/16/2021 to Fri, 09/16/2022

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We hope you enjoy this Group Show featuring paintings by Alexandra Averbach, Javier Banegas, Paul Beliveau, Tom Betts, Adolfo Bigioni, Jacques Bodin, Paul Butvila, Paul Cadden, Pedro Campos, Andres Castellanos, Francois Chartier, Alex Devereux, Otto Duecker, Romain E., Gabriela Ezcurra, Gustavo Fernandes, David Finnigan, JKB Fletcher, Stephen Fox, Mike Francis, Daryl Gortner, Nourine Hammad, Simon Harling, Andrew Hemingway. Simon Hennessey, Peter Hohsl, Ben Johnson, David Kessler, Young-sung Kim, Alexandra Klimas, Patrice Larue, Carl Laubin, William Lazos, Igor Levashov, Carlos Marijuan, Christian Marsh, Tom Martin, Angus McEwan, Elena Molinari, Stefan Nandance, Barry Oretsky, Steve Perrault, Adria Pina Alegre, Sergey Piskunov,C. Poole, Peter Rocklin, Denis Ryan, Ben Schonzeit, Glen Semple, Adrian Smart, Petr Smolko, Steve Smulka, Rudy Sparkuhl, Francesco Stile, Tad Suzuki, Andrew Tift, Antonis Titakis, James Van Patten, Roger Watt, Johannes Wessmark, David Wheeler, Steve Whitehead, Dennis Wojtkiewicz, Craig Wylie & Harold Zabady!

For any enquiries or to arrange a viewing, please contact, or phone the gallery directly on 020 7730 7656.

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