Let's Get Lost ( Let Them Send Out Alarms ) 2.0 I Janet Rady Fine Art & Nava Contemporary - 3D virtual exhibition by Nouvelle Vague Artspaces

Let's Get Lost ( Let Them Send Out Alarms ) 2.0 I Janet Rady Fine Art & Nava Contemporary

Wed, 05/13/2020 to Sun, 06/21/2020

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‘When art gets as rancid as a Cattelan banana, we literally need to revert back to the Core, a radical switch to a true Zeitgeist.’ FirouzFarmanFarmaian

Janet Rady has been FarmanFarmaian’s agent since 2014 and has widely collaborated on exhibitions, art-talks and catalog introductions, curating shows such as the 2016 NYC Memory-Future / Future Memory exhibit. NAVA Contemporary's Nicole Archibeque & Valerie Altahawi have been working with Firouz in the US since 2015 engaging his work nation-wide on the RH Contemporary Art Program. Nouvelle Vague Artspaces as an artist-run gallery proposes a nomadic radical vision with eyes set on the future. Nouvelle Vague Artspaces as an artist-run gallery proposes a nomadic radical vision with eyes set on the future

Firouz FarmanFarmaian

History and memory inform the work of Persian-born artist Firouz FarmanFarmaian, whose lifetime of living in exile in Paris, France profoundly influenced both his creative practice and individual character. "It is circumstance that ultimately shapes lives", says the artist, whose work seeks to actively engage in a dialogue with the past. As such, his compositions possess a vivacious and spontaneous energy, as well as a deeply symbolic quality, which speaks to a multiplicity of currents in politics, art and philosophy.

Rooted in Persian lore, and focused on themes of nature, architectonics and the interplay between realism and abstraction, FarmanFarmaian's diverse body of work is united by common motifs of movement and texture. The raw and visceral emotion of his pieces is tempered by their material properties, which are strongly rooted in a resolute emphasis on craftsmanship. Each work is the result of careful contemplation of the techniques and tools that will achieve a singular aesthetic and emotional intention. These in turn are deftly combined to create a unique visual rhythm across a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, film and music.

​Lives and works in between Marbella and Marrakech. His works figure in the collections of Queen Farah Diba, Mo Afkhami, Christine Amanpour and Antonio Banderas to name a few.

Janet Rady

Based between London and the United Arab Emirates, Gallery Director and Curator, Janet Rady is a specialist in Contemporary Art from the Middle East, with thirty years’ experience of the international art market including leading auction houses and major commercial galleries. Born in Malta, Janet first visited the Middle East in 1974 when she went to Iran and subsequently she lived there for a year from 1983-84. She now travels regularly to the region.

Janet Rady holds a Masters Degree in Islamic Art History from the University of Melbourne and a BA from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She is a member of the Arab British Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Advisory Councils of CARAVAN and the Iran Society. She is a nominator for the V&A Jameel Prize, curator for the Benetton Foundation Imago Mundi Project and a Judge for the BEHNAM BAKHTIAR AWARD.

NAVA Contemporary

Based in San Francisco, Nicole Archibeque has worked in the art world for over seventeen years. She spent five years as the program director for RH Contemporary Art, playing a key role in launching the division, working closely with artists, and selecting artwork for the program. Prior to this, she worked for Berggruen Gallery, in San Francisco, was the director of Honor Fraser Gallery, in Los Angeles, as well as Kantor/Feuer Gallery, also in Los Angeles.

Valerie Altahawi is based in New York City. During her two-and-a-half years as the national sales director for RH Contemporary Art, she drove the innovative business’s sales strategy. With over seventeen years in the arts, she served as the director for Cristin Tierney Gallery and Sikkema Jenkins & Co., both in New York. She began her career at New York’s Skarstedt Gallery, working her way up from registrar to associate director.

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