Thomas Vangarde - Strawberry - 3D virtual exhibition by Martin Delaney & Lily Lucia Gallery

Thomas Vangarde - Strawberry

Mon, 09/13/2021 to Mon, 10/18/2021

curated by:

Vangarde works with his regular phone, using naive techniques to capture the subtle beauties of the luscious strawberry. Being allergic to the humble fruit, Vangarde utilises the plastic glove to create a dichotomy between the tactile nature of the natural object and the power it can have over human physicality. Vangarde attributes no meaning to the images and this creates a fascinating critical space for the strawberry voyeur. All of the fruits are distorted or damaged in some way, perhaps reflecting the transience of the fragile transience of the body. HIs former band mate said of one of the images, ‘That’s a big ass strawberry’ - at once playful and child-like in its innocence, the strawberry represents our humour and voluptuous sense of vitality.

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