Paradise - 3D virtual exhibition by Galerie Roberto


"Paradise", a Solo Exhibition of Lei Manto

Lei Manto approaches his first solo exhibition with a critical exploration of the Filipino trope of paradise and destiny. Locating his narrative in the confines of his community and upbringing, Manto intimates a glimpse of his life that has defined his art. This includes the negotiations he pursues that come with his visualizations and imaginings. He exposes the anxiety of the human experience through his search for identity, his understanding of the gestures of positions and power, and decisively, through the collective experience of a social group.

This repertoire of works is shaped by the sentimentality of individual motivations and communal interests intersected by the irony of struggle and hope. Manto collaborates with other artists to merge and juxtapose aesthetic sensibilities to ruminate impressions and notions about paradise. Paradise, as an exhibition, attempts to unwrap the materiality of social tensions of a community gentrified by the vanity of art.

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