Shadow to Light - 3D virtual exhibition by HEIMAT ART

Shadow to Light

Mon, 10/18/2021 to Sun, 10/31/2021

curated by:

‘Shadow to Light’ is a contemporary art exhibit that highlights a glimpse of an enriching creative journey adopted by artists from ‘Flick the Switch’ arts collective in Toronto. For a shadow to be present there must be light and this show reflects the poetic nature of the continuous tangling and detangling of the artistic journey, particularly through precarious times. The exhibit consists of a diverse range of artworks that reflect upon themes of nature, memory and identity as this aims to encapsulate the harmony found within life. ‘Shadow to Light’ features a collection of paintings and sculptures that utilize their visual language to translate notions of colour and materiality through embodying a fluid connection between the artists and their creative endeavours.

The representation of our natural environment is evident within the work, as this highlights an essence of a fond recollection associated with something remarkable that may be long forgotten. Contrasting effects of light within the environment, abstracted representations of memorable moments and the juxtaposition between the industrial yet delicate nature of the sculptures all tie in together to highlight a metaphoric transitioning from the shadows and into the light.

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