Painting Personal Projects: Caroline Lovett, Anna Suwalowska & Corrie Wingate - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

Painting Personal Projects: Caroline Lovett, Anna Suwalowska & Corrie Wingate

Tue, 09/07/2021 to Mon, 02/07/2022

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I am a figurative artist working and living in London. My work explores the relationships between people weaving multiple narratives of the psychological landscape. The body is central to my practice. It embodies the universal language of emotions that express human nature – unstable and in constant flux.
A recurrent motif in my work is ‘the gaze’ in a figurative and philosophical sense. People, animals or hybrids look with fixed attention, intently, aware that they can be seen and looked at and have an external appearance. More, there is the view that while the eyes mirror the external world, there are also windows to the internal, the embodied experiences.
The scenes in the paintings depict stage-like settings where figures like actors remain focussed on playing their own roles, independent yet aware of the others. This subconscious process allows transferring emotions, experiences into a figurative painting. Different dimensions merge into the uncanny narratives that reveal dualities and multi-faceted realities. The world of the living and the dead, the shadows and the truth, the ambiguity and clarity coexist. The world is imagined, yet at the same time, it is real.
I am an intuitive artist and my work is concerned with mood and tension, stripping away the real to merge my memories and experiences with observations of people and the natural world. The body of work is diverse and includes drawings, paintings and collages. My interests intersect ethics, medical sociology, place, culture, human condition and memory.

Caroline is a contemporary figurative artist. She works mainly in acrylic and oils, as well as producing ink studies. Her figurative work moves between the very contemporary and the surreal. Vibrant, often fluorescent colours, recur in her work. She is fascinated by and creates very physical images of movement and gesture, embodying joy, euphoria, rapture and despair. Her work explores the façade we present to the world versus the realities we repress and conceal, the very public and the very private.

Her process often involves working quickly to create bold under paintings that seep through later paintings to create distinctive works in acrylic. These initial experimental/exploratory studies then develop into resolved large-scale pieces. She composes paintings very spontaneously, blocking out the backgrounds to allow the forms and bodies to coalesce in more considered brush marks.

Currently Caroline is working on modern day re-imaginings of Hieronymous Bosch’s ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. In time of pandemic she is inspired and connected to Bosch’s fantastic illustrations, religious concepts and historical narrative, created in similarly perilous times. Within these new pieces she explores the surreal, dream states and the unconscious through fantastical, colourful, escapist, disturbing images of strange creatures, ethereal acrobats, images of creation, rituals and ceremony. Her work is informed in part by her own disrupted pandemic sleep, the darkest of imaginings realised creatively. These works are acrylics on large-scale canvases.

Previous work has explored the selfie, the effects of technology and social media on our relationships and private lives.

Her next body of work, provisionally titled ‘The Beer Garden of Earthly Delights’, will examine themes including self-image, self-confidence, freedom, hedonism, partying, female empowerment, fun and post lockdown responses to ‘freedom’.

Caroline is a self taught artist. Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy’s Summer Show 2018 and recent exhibitions of her work have included The Wayland Gallery Online Exhibition 2020,Reality check @ White Conduit 2019 , Pengtings @ Espacio gallery 2018, Ipswich art society open 2015, 2016, 2017, north London artist network 2015 and The Pentland arts Depot 2015

Her original works and prints are available via the website or by contacting Caroline on 07852-760720

Caroline is based in Suffolk with a studio in London.

(b.1974, Blackpool, UK) Corrie Wingate studied Fine Art at Kent institute of art and design, Canterbury followed by a career in travel and documentary photography. It was this nomadic lifestyle that eventually led Corrie to Kenya where she lives part time and founded an award-winning art centre for children and runs an artist residency for Kenyan artists.

Working mostly with her own photographic archive and extensive travels as inspiration, she makes figurative and expressive paintings working both loosely and energetically with passages of detail and focus. She is drawn to the magic that happens in the flawed translation from one medium to the other. Corrie’s work primarily focuses on the relationships between humans and animals. Bridging the space between the mythic and the real she uses colour as a key factor in creating unfamiliar settings for her subjects who inhabit distant places but inspire the viewer with both empathy and tenderness. Believing that all life forms are created equal and that we are not superior to but part of the natural world, Corrie’s work aims to feed into the dialogue about what it means to be human with our profound need for connection.

I am aware of the countless small-scale arrangements of objects in a home which have personal and aesthetic significance and find starting points for my still life paintings in these things in my own environment. Arranging the fruit or other objects carefully on the fabric or other surface is a small creative act in itself. I enjoy the idea that placing the fruit disrupts the regularity of the pattern on the fabric. I observe the shape, space, colour and fall of light and shadow across the fabric and fruit forms, and re-arrange again in the process of painting, placing descriptive marks and flatter pieces of paint together.

PAINTING PERSONAL PROJECTS taught by Dan Coombs and Sikelela Owen is a year long programme one day week, some of which was on Zoom this year during lockdown. The course involves shared projects to begin with leading to developing an individual body of work whilst receiving guidance and mentoring in a supportive community of artists. All our tutors are practising and exhibiting artists who are working on their own projects and are there to help each student clarify and develop their short and long term goals. Limited to twelve places only as are all our courses, the tutors have time to help each person progress in the distinctive ways they need to as individuals. For the new academic year from October 2021 this course will be taught by Sikelela Owen and Archie Franks

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