The Bigger Picture: Emma O'Rourke & Victoria Snazell - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

The Bigger Picture: Emma O'Rourke & Victoria Snazell

Tue, 09/07/2021 to Mon, 02/07/2022

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London Irish artist based in London.

My work is preoccupied with the human condition, our complicated relationship with nostalgia, and the narratives we hold onto.

Drawing has been instinctive from a young age. I am influenced by the work of Hilma af Klint, Tracey Emin and Helen Marten - artists whose drawings display a visual confidence - depicting moments and memories without physical shape - acknowledging the limitations of language.

My work is often shaped by filmic imagery, literature, and photography - images embedded into our subconscious. I have a natural tendency to cross mediums and disciplines, delicately assembling often indistinguishable forms - multiple unraveled conversations - an insight into my own personal history intertwined with moments from popular culture.

Growing up in an Irish Catholic household, traditions and values were passed down without explanation - fuelling a lifelong preoccupation with the fragility of our existence.

The eldest grandchild, I spent a lot of time with my nan, a woman who confidently blurred the lines between fact and fiction, weaving unexplained ‘truths’ into every scenario. I dissolved into a world of stories, engrossed in everyday fantasies, steamy scandals and fallen heroes, which later led me to study Theatre Design at Wimbledon College of Art.

Although my current practice centres on people, the ‘staged’ environment is still more than often present whether or not depicted. Intimacy and illusion, traditions and beliefs form the basis of my research alongside my studio practice. Through the continuous layering of drawing, paint, collage and print, my work merges our internal worlds with natural forms to create surreal yet familiar images, hinting at our own inevitable disorderly decline.


Lives and works in Brighton & Hove, UK

1990 - 1993 - B.A Hons Fine Art - Bath College of Art

1992 - Gane Travel Scholarship

Victoria Snazell grew up in Thatcher’s Estuary Essex surrounded by a family of makers, sewers, gardeners and engineers.

She creates minimal, pared back artworks, inventing new tragi-comic forms coming from a place of impotence and cartoony depression.

Inspiration is drawn from a variety of sources. The physical materiality of food, flesh, discarded and natural forms - the stuff of life; whilst adding a good dollop of peril or menace.

The process of drawing as well as the lumpy uncertainty of the materials used in fabrication is important. Works are able to develop unselfconsciously, imbued with an emotional connection that reaches out to the viewer whilst recognising the limitations of visual language to reveal and conceal meaning.

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