The Painting Year 2: Fatemeh Bagherian, Chris Hawkes and Georgia Mallin - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

The Painting Year 2: Fatemeh Bagherian, Chris Hawkes and Georgia Mallin

Mon, 09/06/2021 to Sun, 02/06/2022

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I’ve chosen to exhibit paintings that show some of the ways I’ve experimented with painting the human figure, alongside some drawings, as this is primarily what I have focused on while studying at The Essential School of Painting. Present in most of these works is my interest in art history, particularly Renaissance and Mannerist painting, and in creating images that reference other images.

I am a figurative artist working mainly in oil painting and drawing. Born and raised in London, I read English & Spanish at the University of Oxford before realising that art needed to be at the centre of my life. From 2017-19 I studied the Diploma in Portraiture at the Heatherley School of Fine Art, where I was trained rigorously in drawing and painting from life and won the Daphne Todd Portrait Prize in 2018.
After two years at TheESOP I am now exploring what else is possible beyond literal observation. This has been transformative in developing my artistic voice and my ideas: the ESOP has provided a contemporary frame of reference for the traditional painting skills I had spent so long developing.
Working more from emotion, imagination and memory, my primary interests are people and storytelling. Reading is as much my first love as drawing, so I am interested in creating a sense of narrative in my work, often using stories, poems or art history as a starting point. Themes I keep returning to are womanhood and constructions of femininity, love and relationships, nature, and the idealised pastoral.
I am hugely grateful to Alison Harper, Dan Coombs and Melissa Kime for their encouragement and expert tuition, and to the ESOP Newman Young Artist Scholarship award which allowed me to start at this fantastic school in 2019.

Instagram: @georgiamallinartist

THE PAINTING YEAR 2 is for artists looking to advance their practice, developing their skills and content whilst being guided by experienced and celebrated painters Dan Coombs, Melissa Kimes and Guy Allott. Much of the work was produced this year via Zoom over lockdown when the tutors and artists still managed brilliantly to find ways to work from imagination, photography, story-telling and other sources. The Painting Year 2 had two groups on different days Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The artists actively engaged with contemporary and art historical themes plus painting language, opening doors to untried possibilities

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