THE PAINTING YEAR 2 : Tanya Goodman-Bailey & Deborah Burnstone - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

THE PAINTING YEAR 2 : Tanya Goodman-Bailey & Deborah Burnstone

Tue, 09/07/2021 to Mon, 02/07/2022

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Art touches what can not be said,
Validates feelings and
Just like music or a great meal,
Changes mood.

Before looking for the story of a painting,
I try first to gaze,
Tracing the effects of colour and shapes
As physical response and sensation.

Later, when revisiting the painting in my mind's eye,
Those sensations are now embodied memories,
A lightening across a shoulder for a road map to
A calming, stimulated mind.


Painting is my way to intentionally express appreciation.
It is not without a raised eyebrow then, that two of the paintings selected for ESOP’s exhibition, Eco Warrior and Sarah's Vigil, are protest paintings (of what is specifically not appreciated!).
Yet, I suggest to see that the appreciation is for the courage and strength of the women depicted.

People seem to describe me as a colourist. I had thought this is what you say to someone who has yet to find their style. Apparently not. Colour can be the 'building block for a painting'. Colour 'as construction'.
This explains why I am probably the happiest and at ease when using colour this way and envision bolder and bigger work in the future.

With thanks to tutors Guy Allot and Dan Coombes on Tues Painting Year 1 who kept us completely engaged and evolving when lockdown shut us out of the studio.
And as always to Alison Harper, but this time for being Alison Harper in a pandemic.

I look forward to joining ESOP for my 3rd year in October with Sikelela Owen and Archie Franks on the Painting Personal Projects course.

THE PAINTING YEAR 2 is for artists looking to advance their practice, developing their skills and content whilst being guided by experienced and celebrated painters Dan Coombs, Melissa Kimes and Guy Allott. Much of the work was produced this year via Zoom over lockdown when the tutors and artists still managed brilliantly to find ways to work from imagination, photography, story-telling and other sources. The Painting Year 2 had two groups on different days Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The artists actively engaged with contemporary and art historical themes plus painting language, opening doors to untried possibilities

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