Painting People and Portraits: Louise Devonshire, Mary Klaber, Veronika McKerrell, Maureen Ni Fiann, Kate Spencer & Luka Vardiashvili - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

Painting People and Portraits: Louise Devonshire, Mary Klaber, Veronika McKerrell, Maureen Ni Fiann, Kate Spencer & Luka Vardiashvili

Tue, 09/07/2021 to Wed, 09/07/2022

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This course explores the elements of portraiture and painting the figure in both systematic and creative ways. We worked from the live model particularly Shardae Rose Angel and other sources of imagery including film stills, drawings, memory and imagination, word prompts, biography and storytelling to open to unexpected and expressive results using different techniques including collage and mixed media. The course was taught by Alison Harper and guest tutors Archie Franks, Melissa Kimes and Tim Patrick.

Negative comments by an art teacher at secondary school made me close my mind to art completely and I followed a scientific path instead.
Life was busy working as a doctor and bringing up four children and it was not until retirement that I rediscovered the pure joy and value of artistic expression and have taken the tentative steps to pursue that since, and bury those early demons.
Immersing oneself in art is such a tonic to all the “stuff” going on in the world. This has been particularly so during lockdown and I have found the Figure and Portrait course over the last year challenging and so exciting.

I explore identity through the more abstract process of individuation, and how this process shifts continually, depending on moment and context. I am fascinated by the way in which we regenerate our own stories, continually shifting our narrative in order to make sense of the present.

Luka Vardiashvili has worked with the Essential School of Painting for the past 7 years. Seeking and finding a language that connects painterly mark making and the dancer's soul. This small selection of portraits looks at his work from a different angle. It brings together supportive friends and figures from the Essential School of Painting and beyond. Including a portrait of Singer Katia Visentin and Model/ Calesthenics coach Nico Mincuzzi, who have also been there for him through truly life changing, challenging and deeply warming moments this year.
Though this year has not been without its challenges, life has been more settled than the past. It has allowed for him to create with full capacity exploring layered ways of painting, performing, dancing and participating in photographic work with ballet dancer/tutor Joshua Royal and contemporary dancer Nandita Devika Shankardass.
Helping him to form new creative partnerships, connections and directions for dance, painting, performance and writing.
He hopes to strengthen connections with collaborators including the House of Mass Dance Studios and further his practice and way.
Luka is learning to "do something differently",
Hoping to walk in to the present in a centred way and let old skin fall away while maintaining strong connections, humour and lightness.
Special thank you to Alison Harper and Andrew Wamae who have helped to care and nurture his creative journey over the past 7 years.
Deep respect to Francis Basham who helped to guide him out of difficulty with her full heart and understanding. May she rest peacefully.
With deep gratitude and thanks.
Let's hope the future holds something bright, illuminating and kind.

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