Landscape: a Domain for Painting: Niki Campbell, Diana Charnley & Adelaide Leslie - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

Landscape: a Domain for Painting: Niki Campbell, Diana Charnley & Adelaide Leslie

Tue, 09/07/2021 to Mon, 02/07/2022

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Niki Campbell born in Croydon, and currently lives in Kent.
2017 PGCE
2008 Fine Art BA (HONS)
She has been involved with SVAF, a Kent based artist network, for the past decade, exhibiting her work regularly and has also carried out several independent community projects.
She co-ran a yearlong experimental project, called ’Paper Works’, inviting 9 Kent based emerging artists to collaborate their practices together, resulting in three exhibitions in Kent and London.
She has also participated in several residencies, bringing Kent and London based artists together. She currently works as an Art and Design Teacher in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Campbell paints landscapes from photographs and from memory; they are places that are often overlooked or seemingly banal. She plays with the notion that something has taken place there, imaginary or an actual event. She evokes atmospheres suggesting something dark, miraculous, or other worldly has taken place.
She finds beauty in overlooked places and objects, and attempts to create her own narratives. She has an interest in the ‘spaces in between’ that exist alongside otherwise occupied places. She identifies with buildings and places that reflect her diasporic identity and feelings of displacement. Campbell brings the viewer’s attention to places that she believes contain an otherness to them. In exploring these themes, she invites the viewer to connect with their own set of experiences, to create their own narrative.

Having worked with many filmmakers, my images often explore the complexity of human relations sometimes drawing on story telling narratives in Cinema. These 4 images were made this year with the ESOP mentoring scheme with Dan Coombs.
2019 Bankside Gallery-National Original Print Exhibition
2018 Royal Academy of Arts Summer show,
2018 Wells Art Contemporary WAC at Wells Cathedral.
2018 ACE Arts Somerton- Evolver Prize Show,
2018 Mall Gallery NEAC Open,
2018 Mall Gallery SWA Open, Royal West of England Academy Open
2017 Rabley Printmakers -Rabley Contemporary,
2017 Bankside Gallery - National Original Print Exhibition.
2017 Badger Press Award

LANDSCAPE: a DOMAIN FOR PAINTING this online evening course taught by Peter Ashton Jones explored the making of landscape paintings and involved looking at the way landscape, which is probably the oldest genre in painting, has been used from cave painting right through to abstract painting.

Participating artists began by developing drawings and sketches of the great outdoors, either en plein air or from photographs, exploring ideas about landscape, such as a sense of place, topography, the psychological landscape and more empirical issues such as optical and colour values, arriving at the point, where an idea or view of a landscape is realised in a painting(s).

Drawing on the history of landscape painting and a deep knowledge of painting, Peter Ashton Jones showed us ways to deconstruct a landscape and to look at what that landscape is and how it can be used to make a painting, whether it is of a place or of something other than just that place. The aim was to develop our work in new, exciting and experimental ways, learning devices and techniques that could then be taken back to the studio and developed to push our work in a newly imaginative direction.

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