Cities- Albert Liu (IB- HL) - 3D virtual exhibition by BCIS SS Visual Art -2020

Cities- Albert Liu (IB- HL)

Fri, 04/17/2020 to Tue, 06/16/2020

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The theme of my work revolves around dynamism in a city. Cities always convey vividness through a diverse range of ways. Throughout my art pieces, I explore different media to express the dynamism within a city.
I aim to show how Beijing is a dynamic city, to convey a vivid and energetic feel within the artworks. Despite being very modern in the perspective of many citizens today, the city is also considered ancient due to the presence of historical architectures. Most artworks depicts Beijing in a simple way, usually it’s just a drawing of particularly architectures, but I want to show that hidden within the city lies dynamism and explore this aspect through each of my artwork. Through my visualization and exhibition, the audiences see and comprehend how this city is dynamic and is being introduced a new perspective of this city.
I really love making art with technology, so many of my artworks are either digital pieces or photography, this is different than ordinary installations(2D painting, 3D model). The use of software to create some of the artworks connect to the modernity of the city in the artwork itself, this is because using software and technology is only just a modern way of creating art. During the creation of several artworks I extensively used Photoshop, which helped to carefully alter the color of the artwork as well as details such as reducing/expanding the space between the buildings. Throughout my artworks I explored the theme of dynamism and showing how the city of Beijing is dynamic, on top of this, my artwork can also be described as vivid and lively because of the various details and tone present. My exhibition space will be set on an open space. When the audiences see my artworks, the wide space will make them feel relaxed, compared to being set at a corner that makes the audience feel surrounded. So only through the elimination of negative feelings can I help the audience perceive dynamism and how cities are vivid in my artwork. Most of my artworks will be printed in A3 and placed onto walls. The large scale of them provide the audience with the feeling of the large size of a city where dynamism prosper.
I sought to develop a relationship between the artwork and the viewer, this way, they are able to personally connect with the artworks themselves and be able to perceive my artwork in a flexible way. I chose Beijing as the city I focused on in my artworks and I know that the audience in the exhibition are already familiar with the qualities of Beijing and the city’s unique features. So, I especially created familiar buildings of Beijing, such as the Pangu tower, Skytree tower, and Bird’s nest stadium. Because my chosen theme is dynamism, I want the audience to perceive my artworks as being vivid and energetic, to feel overwhelmed by the stylish features of the artwork, the atypical way of depicting a city. Dynamism is present in a lot of cities and in Beijing, I’d like to explore this rarely touched theme and showcase its majestic visual aesthetics.

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