For Her--- You Are in Ink Art from Female Artists by Deng Xianxian & Chen Xia Duo Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by 傳承藝術中心 CHUAN CHENG ART CENTER

For Her--- You Are in Ink Art from Female Artists by Deng Xianxian & Chen Xia Duo Exhibition

Sat, 07/17/2021 to Tue, 08/17/2021

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Since old age, women had lower standing location by men. Gentle and soft specialization of women is not mean no more personalities. Moreover, it does not mean no chance to rise up. Maybe women all hope can have their own area to show, looking for a way to spread independence. In 21st century, there are more and more excellent women leaders who leads teams to work with. For wisdom and powerful, you girls!
Anyway, we will not discuss more about Feminist, only talk about women’s ideas that equals to men.
Deng Xianxian and Chen Xia, they are female artists. They are drawing contemporary female for the main character in their artworks. Every space, every side and every face and mood are recording by their brushes. As a man, is there any moments touch your heart? As a woman, is there any scenes close to you? Remind any steps of yourself or remind any periods of her? Everything seems like in memories…
Try to talk to yourself! Find yourself!
Here, female have their own spaces in every painting. Even doubt before, they are finally full of confidence and self-pride, aren’t you?

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