Winged Realm - 3D virtual exhibition by PG Gallery

Winged Realm

Thu, 07/15/2021 to Sun, 08/15/2021

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In Winged Realm Jo Darvall takes her audience on a journey through a mythical dream of past encounters set in a fertile organic playground shapes and forms reference the lotus flower and bird like shrouded creatures leaving subtle impressions of memory, past experiences lie deep within the papers textures. Tension and texture are at play as Darvall’s monoprints assemble and reassemble the lotus; the sacred symbol of purity in Buddhism, beauty in Hinduism as well as its association with rebirth in ancient Egypt. The titles pays homage to avant-garde experimental poet Christopher Barnett, Barnett a figure from Darvall’s past as a young artists living and working in Brunswick street Fitzroy where Barnett and other street poets would perform.

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