Members Only Exhibition: Art Through The Ages - 3D virtual exhibition by Quest Art School + Gallery

Members Only Exhibition: Art Through The Ages

Mon, 07/12/2021 to Sat, 07/31/2021

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Art has a rich history of creation. Boundless and versatile, moving and changing with time, contributing to visual appearances of art as a timeline. This includes the many factors that form in the production process, they can be cultural, political, religious, or economic- and throughout this history we witness movements and ways of working.

Paying attention to the ways in which art has formed in the past teaches us about our current works and our current world. This creates important connections between past and present- and reminds us that art simply is humanity.

Members have been encouraged to experiment with combining techniques and visual references from artistic movements, allowing free flow and expression as we pave the path of new ways of creating while including the many forms beforehand. In this, we've asked members to think, where do you draw your inspiration from? In all of our art, we are always communicating and creating a dialogue between artist and viewer. These interactions allow for observations and produce parallels within an art history context. Create with intent as an ode to art through the ages and share with us, what movement speaks to you in your own artistic practice? This can be through ideas, materials, techniques, or subject matter.

This is Art through the Ages.

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