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Continuum: Featured Artists

Quest Art is proud to feature the work of three Ontario-based artists in 'Continuum', an exhibition created to highlight the work of LGBTQ+ individuals. As June of 2021 comes to a close, we wish to emphasize that this idea of 'pride' extends beyond the month, and LGBTQ+ artists continue to push the boundaries of their works across a variety of media forms year-round. Please check out and support our featured artists below!

Jason Perreault is a photographic artist based in Montreal. With a background in theatre, he is influenced by narrative techniques and the desire to create character-based images in his work. His photographs navigate the boundaries between fine art and fashion imagery, creating work that explores sexuality, queer representation, and gender fluidity. Using androgynous models, provocative posing, and unconventional styling, Perreault’s fashion photographs seek to complicate and open dialogue around the industry’s view of the body and those who occupy it.

Bien dans sa peau

The fashion industry and commercial advertising both participate in the construction of an idealized person—usually one that is heterosexual. The inclusion of non-binary and gender-fluid representations in magazines and editorials helps to not only normalize queer lifestyles but also validates and celebrates queer as a way of being.

Bien dans sa peau highlights gender-queer people and embraces their many and varied characteristics through the tropes of contemporary fashion photography. It approaches the photography studio as a stage of sorts, a place where theatricality and performance can flourish. While the resulting imagery is heavily constructed and politically calculated, it also comes from pursuing honesty within the subjects, focusing on the respect and acceptance cultivated between photographer and subject.

You can find his work at,

Pandemic Print Series: Self Journey, Moving Forward
and Sapphic Dreams
Ash Randall-colalillo
(3x) 8”x11” Mixed Media Prints
The pandemic has left time and space for many people to be more within themselves, spending time with their thoughts, feelings as well as identity. In this time, the exploration of self becomes not only a developing process, but a transition into new mind states, which can be reflective and introspective. It brings more attention to change and flux with our perceptions of how we live. The three mixed media drawings are a result of these processes, presenting as an active visual journal. It is a conversation the artist has with themself in this new space. Each print of this series touches upon different reflections:
Self Journey is mostly self explanatory. It's a visual presentation of bodies being a space itself in which we move in, and how the process of nurturing and loving that body can be expressed. Depictions of nature and elements intertwined with the body are used to connect our love of self to the life we experience. Our bodies are the transitional space between the external world and our internal world - of our mind and soul. Here is where loving the soul and body is a lifelong act of care to be fully ourselves in each moment.
Moving Forward begins a dialogue with the self in this new time that we have been given. It questions why flux is so daunting? Why does change cause anxiety - especially when its physical change? Changing environments (specifically in this case) as well as mind states can stir up the experience of where things seem up in the air. Where gravity doesn’t reside, neither does our certainty - like a dream out of reach. However, what goes up must come down- or forward in this case…
And lastly
Sapphic Fairy Dreams displays a celebration of queer and/or sapphic presence, with the self, others and the space around them. It cradles us, comforts us - where the queer self is truly validated as the magical beings they are, and uses humorous tropes in meme culture of things that queer folk's might like in common. Within the pandemic, our queer
community has felt the struggle of being so far away from each other, and not having access to those safe spaces. The work becomes a visual reflection of appreciation for the spaces we did have access to pre-pandemic as well as the time we had to physically connect with our communities. It is a reflective moment of love, yet longing for that closeness and embracing of one another once again.

Kaitlin Calbery lives in Ontario, Canada, circa 1905 where they must, on a daily basis, wage life or death struggles against wild moose, rabid beavers, flying hockey pucks, and inconsistent wi-fi signals.

When they are not fending for themselves in the Canadian wilderness, Kaitlin spends their time drawing and creating motion graphics that focus on history, comedy, and the blending of the past and present. In 2021, Kaitlin graduated from Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Illustration.

"I have always been enthralled by different eras and the people who lived in them. While there always seems to be a disconnect next to oil paintings and somber portraits; journals, newspapers, and other media tells us a different story - and as someone who enjoys comedy, I believe laughter is the best way to bridge the gap between the past and present. These shorts are a blend of modern social media mores set against a vibrant background of the not so distant past and the people who occupied it, creating a fusion of old and new, and giving new meaning to the age old phrase ‘we are not amused’.

Portraiture has always been about statements - be it political or personal. In many ways, the women in these portraits have remained icons throughout the centuries; though much of their histories, personalities, and stories have been lost to time, leaving only the impression of an idealised version of themselves within the paint. These portraits have been constructed using heavy research into the lives of six iconic women, and recontextualised and redone to showcase their individuality and oftentimes difficult lives within the spaces they occupied in order to create a truer portrait of the sitter beyond the male gaze of the artist who captured her."

You can find more of their work at

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