A response in uncertain times - 3D virtual exhibition by Lars Kristian Bode

A response in uncertain times

Sat, 04/18/2020 to Sat, 05/16/2020

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Being active in an international environment, Invisible Borders Agency and Lars Kristian Bode are aware of the challenging situation in the current situation, not only in Europe but also internationally. In a collective effort we would like to bring together different artists with various backgrounds. But they all have one thing in common: social commitment, especially in times of crisis. This group exhibition is only accessible online and is a reaction to a time of social distancing and forced standstill. But the exhibition counters this with the power of art and tries to bridge the gap to the weak and helpless - by donating 20% of the sales.

Join us in supporting our artists and also those who are currently in need due to the crisis, whether by following them and us on social media or by buying one of their artworks.

Invisible Borders Agency and Lars Kristian Bode will support the following organizations with a donation of 20% of the sales to support Corona related relief actions:

- Le Centre Médical Polyvalent de Banock ( The Banock Multi-Purpose Medical Centre (BMPC) is a community hospital located in Western Cameroon. Created on the initiative of Dr. Martin Sigam, the CMPC is officially inaugurated in 2010.

- Clubkinder e.V. ( The Hamburg-based foundation is supporting interdisciplinary projects to master social challenges. One of their latest projects is a shower-bus for homeless people (

Invisible Borders Agency collaborates with the most talented artists across all the segments of the contemporary art world. We partner with Galleries, Public Institutions and Brands to increase the visibility of our artists and their message for the world. Our aim is to maximize the synergies between all our partners to promote our artists and accelerate their success. Through our network, we are engaged in various charities. We support projects that have a great impact on their communities and use art as a vector of development. We strongly believe we have a responsibility to encourage these local actions and support those who make a difference daily.

Lars Kristian Bode collaborates with a diverse range of contemporary artists from around the world. We support artists working across different mediums and disciplines who engage with new and challenging forms of creative expression. The gallery aims to create an international platform and program. We are working closely with partners, curators and institutions and are committed to present our artists on an international level.

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