Snow Report - 3D virtual exhibition by Visions West Contemporary

Snow Report

Wed, 04/01/2020 to Sun, 05/31/2020

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Visions West Contemporary is pleased to announce our newest Bozeman show, "Snow Report." Taryn Boals, Beau Carey, Johnny Defeo, Scott Parker, Tracy Stuckey, Willem Volkersz, and Aaron Zulpo are featured in this ski and snow focused exhibition. In the high mountain towns of the American West the whims of cold winter weather imprint themselves on even the most everyday tasks. Falling snow demands people dress for it, shovel it, scrape it off their cars, but in their finest moments people may also exalt in it, skiing, or watching it fall from the comfort of a Yellowstone Canyon cabin. The collection of artists in our upcoming exhibition “Snow Report” take a look at these finer moments winter has to offer- Artist Aaron Zulpo brings back the romance of winter with his sleek, colorful narrative paintings on the ski slopes, and Johnny Defeo gives us a place to rest in his exquisite interiors with views of the rugged wilderness outside. Taryn Boals forces us to pause with a delicate, quiet field of ghostly elk in the snow. Beau Carey captivates with modern, neon colored mountain ranges. Likewise, Tracey Stuckey, Scott Parker, and Willem Volkerz represent those aspects of snow that are beautiful, quiet, and nostalgic. Thereby, while a diverse cohort, each artist brings a unique but deft look at this most demanding of seasons spanning the light-hearted to the sublime, gently asking us to look, listen, appreciate, and preserve our winters.

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