The Portrait of A Narcissist: The Pursuit of Gratification - 3D virtual exhibition by Melda Yurtsever

The Portrait of A Narcissist: The Pursuit of Gratification

Fri, 06/11/2021 to Sun, 07/11/2021

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Narcissism, known as the personality structure of our age, got its name from the character of Narcissus, who saw his reflection in the water in Greek mythology, fell in love with its reflection and consumed his life by watching him with this love that he cannot reach. Narcissus begins to melt with the love he feels for his reflection and turns into a Narcissus flower by taking root in its location. The greatest contribution to the study of narcissism was made by Sigmund Freud and Heinz Kohut to explain its present importance. Narcissism deals with excessive self-esteem, relating to objects and the self-centered nature of the individual in psychology. According to these issues, narcissistic manipulations that narcissistic individuals apply to their partners based on their self-centered social relationships begin to occur.

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