THE POWER OF COLOR - 3D virtual exhibition by Ruth Gallery


Sat, 06/12/2021 to Sun, 08/22/2021

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Alexandre ELENGA’s contemporary and colorful art is the result of merging Congolese and French culture.
His extensive use of colors was inspired by the expression “Man of Color”, which is widely used to designate black men; it made him wonder if white and mixed men are not of color.
Alexandre ELENGA explains that his work is a journey into the popular references that have become symbols of emancipation.
The saturation of colors is superimposed on the skins' colors to question racial belonging and make his work resonate as a tool of social criticism. Here, he believes, colors do not separate but unify. His urban style touches on contemporary pop art. He also uses color as a weapon to enrich portraits and bodies, with the idea of making people forget their skin color and fight racial discrimination. Painter and illustrator Alexandre ELENGA (23) is a native of Congo. He lives and works in France.

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