kitchen series - 3D virtual exhibition by Meg Grace

kitchen series

Wed, 06/09/2021 to Fri, 07/09/2021

curated by:

This series is made up of 35mm film documentary images of people (friends and family) that allowed me into their homes to capture my concept of them as subjects in their kitchens.

I wanted to use this space, the kitchen, to give a 'weird' mood to my images by shooting my subjects images in a way that made them feel ‘out of place’.

The choice was made from my feelings about how for me there is something 'comfortable' about people's actions within their own kitchens that shows oneself in a unique and contemporary way. I say it is contemporary as the kitchen is a room where you don't need to 'act' or pretend and yet now for the point of my series, my subjects are made to exactly that. It created a juxtaposed meaning to my original concept.

These images spark a sense of ‘out of place’ as my subjects comfortability is interrupted by the photographer (me).

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