Reality and Fiction-Amanda Dong (IB-HL) - 3D virtual exhibition by BCIS SS Visual Art -2020

Reality and Fiction-Amanda Dong (IB-HL)

Mon, 04/20/2020 to Tue, 06/16/2020

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The theme of the exhibition is called “Reality and Fiction.” I generated this theme not only from my interest in Surrealism artworks after visiting Dali’s exhibition in Beijing but also from a philosophical query that I have been pondering— “is everything we see real?” Therefore, I wanted to create a body of work that challenges this question using the styles and techniques of the Surrealists. My series of works invite the audience into different settings, asking them to weigh the difference between fact and fantasy. Through my works, what I intend to convey is that we probably cannot trust our perceptions all the time, given that there is still something “real” beyond our ability to sense.

The way of exhibiting the artwork contributes to the meanings I would like to convey. The usage of a dark grey wallpaper creates a sense of ambiguity and unsure. Also, the white color of the instructions and descriptions of the artwork can reduce their sense of existence, therefore making works themselves stand out.

n the group of works, there is a real-life portray of the natural landscape, some narrative depiction of a journey in a peculiar world, and also diptychs and triptychs of mysterious environment and imaginary characters. My artworks are organized into three groups according to their contents. The exhibition begins with “true reality,” and later turns to the “fiction” and, eventually, the merging of both. In that way, the viewers can spontaneously link the works to the theme. Besides, the radial arrangement of work mimics the shape of the “Big Bang,” implying that imagination might come from reality. At the same it, it conveys a sense of harmony and coherency from the juxtaposition.

The body of work demonstrates the usage of a variety of materials, ranging from different media for paintings to those for sculptures. For paintings, the range of media includes traditional materials, including acrylic, watercolor, and oil, and digital tool (Photoshop). The two installations, on the other hand, contain materials I collected from daily life (plastic and straw) as well as other classic materials for sculpture (plaster). This shows my ability to wield across different forms of art. Despite different media, the styles of the works are coherent, as most of them share vivid and contrasting color schemes.

I carefully establish the connections between my artworks and the viewers in my exhibition. For my installation work, “Delivering,” I want to achieve so by hanging the casted hands up using fishing lines, creating the sense that the hands are floating in the air. The air conditioning in the room also helps the hands to turn around slowly. The fingers are pointing at different directions in the room, suggesting that any people could be a part of the work. Because the motif of the work is about the trickiness of the Internet, the revolving fingers also imply that “people are being deceived.” Finally, the lengths of the finishing lines were carefully measured so that the sculpture hands could be displayed at about the same height at the audiences’ head. When they are viewing my artwork closely, they are standing amid the white plaster hands, which reinforces my theme. I also make sure that all the artworks are not displayed too high so that the audiences cannot see the details of them. These methods create a direct communication between the audience and the artworks because the physical distance between them is shortened as much as possible.

Through setting the exhibition, I expect the audience to shift their mindsets between reality and fiction. I want to let them feel that, sometimes, there is no boundary between those two elements. Some real sceneries can be so gorgeous or grand that we may doubt whether we are viewing the reality, and some fake imageries may be a trick that we do not even notice. After visiting the exhibition space, the audience can realize that not all realities are unfortunate and cruel, and not all fictions are wise or useful. It is those between real and unreal--the ambiguity-- that attracts us the most.

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