Jason Schoonover Collection 2 - 3D virtual exhibition by Lee Pao Xiong

Jason Schoonover Collection 2

Sat, 05/15/2021 to Wed, 12/15/2021

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We originally wanted to curate an exhibit of Hmong textiles and artifacts that we acquired from author and ethnologist Jason Schoonover, but due to the pandemic, we were forced to look for other ways to showcase some of the items virtually. As such, we have decided to use the platform. This is the first time using this platform. Please bear with us if you encountered any technological glitches. I want to thank Victoria Lee, Chenghoua Lee, and Christian Xiong for their assistance in photography, cataloging, and uploading this beautiful and unique collection to this virtual platform. I want to especially thank the Minnesota Humanities Center for their support. Funding for the acquisition of this collection and the exhibit comes from the Minnesota Humanities Center and the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

As you can see in this exhibit, Hmong clothing and textile is a diversified as the number of individuals who make it, from ethnic Miao groups in China to the Hmong Americans in the United States. Hmong clothing is often associated with the Hmong identity. There are linguistic and regional differences in Hmong clothing styles. White Hmong women, for example, wear white skirts while Green Hmong woman wear batik and colorfully embroidered skirts. Hmong from Vietnam use darker colors, while Hmong/Miao from Guizhou wear bright colors. Within each village or group of Hmong, there ,may be a local distinction of paaj/paj ntaub stitchery, created by an inventive woman in the village. Paj ntaub/paaj ntaub is a medium that changes as individuals add their mark and create new designs.

Even so, there is a similarity in the styles across this minority group. That is, Hmong women make and wear wide skirts that are pleated so that it fans out, there is a sev or apron-like sash worn in the front and back from the waist to the mid-calf, the shirts are wrapped closed in the front with paaj/paj ntaub borders. From China to Laos and Thailand, this style of ethnic clothing distinguishes the Hmong from the surrounding ethnic groups.

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Lee Pao Xiong

Jason Schoonover Collection

15 May 2021 to 15 Dec 2021

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