The Nobodies (2010-2020) - 3D virtual exhibition by HOESY CORONA

The Nobodies (2010-2020)

The Nobodies (2009-Present) is an ongoing story documenting the journeys of displaced immigrants and marginalized peoples. THE NOBODIES uses public performance, sculptural garments, and poetry to create other-worldly experiences for the viewer while questioning the social constructions that govern and objectify personhood. The series revels in the simultaneous visibility and invisibility that the garments bring to the wearer to explore the act of “nobodying.” Audience members are invited to participate in the performance through roles that are complicit in the subjugation of “somebody” into “nobody.”

“This work came about when I was longing to know more about my roots. I happened upon the book The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz in which he considers and contrasts two sisters: Mexico and The United States. In the book, as he describes a power shift, he identifies Mexico as living in the shadow of her younger sister. He dedicates a passage to the act of “Nobodying”, an operation, that he describes as, consisting of making somebody into nobody. I then happened upon the powerful poem Los Nadies/The Nobodies by Eduardo Galeano and knew immediately I had found the title for the mysterious work I was already creating.”
-Hoesy Corona

[audio: Los Nadies by Eduardo Galeano read by the artist]

[Special acknowledgements to photographers: Elle Perez; Kata Frederick; Sam Grabner; Ashley Rosas; Carly Bales ; Andy DelGiudice ; and unknown]

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